Twitter Stats you should know as an Onlyfans Creators

I have looked for some of the resources and found some of the most interesting statistics for you, so It could help you decide better about the platform.

Twitter is the world’s 9th most visited website with 6.2 Billion impressions.

25% of the audience of Twitter are from the US. Most of the users of Twitter are highly educated with good jobs or running businesses.

Twitter is the most liberal social media platform, meaning you have more opportunities to grow as an adult content creator on Onlyfans.

85% of Twitter’s audience earns more than $30,000 a year and 34% of the audience earns $75,000 or above a year.

One-fifth of the Twitter user is below the age of 30. And the most interesting is that 54% of all Twitter users are most likely to purchase a product or subscribe to a service.

What are some pros of Twitter with respect to Onlyfans?
Twitter is an adult-content-friendly platform. This means you can upload adult content or short videos, and your account will be completely safe and fine, unlike other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In addition, you can easily promote your Onlyfans page on Twitter and Reddit compared to other social media platforms.

Twitter is also a platform where you can be discovered very easily. All you need to do to get more engagement is to upload more content on your Twitter. Initially, you need to engage with other Twitter Onlyfans creators to get more followers.

Twitter helps you to build a loyal audience on the platform. The Twitter algorithm is amazing; if you are serious about this business, you will find Twitter to your rescue.