How to (not) get more fans on OnlyFans

A lot of “so called” Only Fans marketing agencies claims to promote their clients only fans account. They all say “they will help them get thousands of new only fans subscribers.” Is it possible? Of course. But it will be 1000’s of fake subscribers bought online from a site like and you won’t make a single $ from any of them.

I used to sell fake YouTube views and Instagram followers to b-list celebrities. It was great $. But again, these are just vanity metrics.

At we use the same principles used at the previous company I worked at The only difference is that instead of looking for hungry diners, we look for horny dudes. And let me tell you: it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to find horny dudes looking for hot girls than it is to find hungry people looking for Mexican food at 2 PM.

The bottom line is this: If you want to work with an OnlyFans agency that actually knows how to promote your OnlyFans account, reach out to us at or DM on Instagram @zwallman